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Metal Dome Array

Metal Dome Array

This type of dome array (metal dome sheet) is somehow similar to single layer type by means of metal dome contacts

 attached under Maylar. But the difference is that, in this type, the Spacer is attached under the metal dome contacts.

 Air paths which function like air holes in single-layer, helps provide good click-feeling when dome contacts are pressed.

 Besides this effect, air paths help reduce the chance for PET film being damaged by metal dome contacts' burr and

block dust coming into PET films.

We not only put several dome on a array, but also put just one piece per array, so that customer can just peel off each

 piece and put it on key location of Keyboard/FPC/PCB. You can easily peel off the single metal dome array from

release liner backing and adhere it firmly on your PCB, FPC or membrane switches, and we named it ' Standard

Single Key Dome Array'.

This is one of our standard metal dome array, which consists of single metal domes on a pressure sensitive adhesive

PET sheet (array), and each single metal dome is in the center of kiss-cut adhesive square or circle, with release

backing which is easily peeled off. So sometimes, people also named “Kiss-cut peel off one dome array”, or “peel-off

kiss-cut single key dome array”. Or say its full name as “Standard Single Key Metal Dome Array” For more information

, please see 'Standard Single Key Dome Array '



Light & small

Damp proof, heatproof, cold proof

Dustproof is done on the Metal Dome, and oxygenation of Metal Dome has been avoided


structure of double layer dome arrays

Technical Parameter

Total Height:

0.28-0.45 mm




0.13-0.30 mm

Scope of Force:

100-400 gf

Tolerance of Force:

±25 gf

Click Ratio:


Life Cycles:

>1 Million Cycles

Salt and Fog Examination:

v35±2°C, 5±0.1%, 48H

Working Temperature:


Working Humidity:

Under 100%RH

Touch Resistance:

<1 ohm

ESD Resistance:

<3 ohm

Dimension Tolerance:


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